Custom Commands:

Custom Commands is very usefull for making Discord Rewards, Discord Rank, etc. To setup a custom command, think about a bot command (ex. r!discordrank) and what command would that run in the server (ex. setgroup (user) Discord), then write r!custom create botCommand #rconChannel serverCommand. You can use variables to allow more customization, for example, if you want to make r!discordrank (user), then you'll write r!custom create discordrank #rcon setgroup {user} Discord. For more information, ask in our Discord.

Variable List:

{user} = Discord Name
{user.tag} = Discord Name and Tag (Name#Tag)
{role} = Highest Discord Role (or @everyone if none)
{channel} = Discord Channel runned in
{guild} = Discord Guild runned in
{args} = User's input in command (r!cmd [THIS])

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