RconCraft rebrand

New logo, website and services.

It's been 2 years since the creation of RconCraft. Within those years we simplified the remote of thousands of servers, we gained your trust for good, and helped you with your mission of building the dream Minecraft Server.

It's time for a new breath, we've updated the logo that represents our remote control, RconCraft.

We also developed a new Website, it looks modern and new.

And, we announce the addition of 2 new services, Self Hosting and Managed Hosting.

We also opened the gate for volunteers to join our team, check them on our new website.

The documentation is now updated and it's more clear than ever with direct examples.

We're opening the ability for sponsorships and partnerships, contact us for more info.

Thank you all for being here, helping us in our mission, to push the server control experience to a new level.

RconCraft, is getting bigger and bigger, it represents a brand now. And hopefully it will represent more and more as we go on..