New PowerControl!

Start and stop your server remotely.

It's been a while since we had a great update, RconCraft, your remote control will be 3 years old in a month!

Yes it's been a while since we started this bot! we never expected it to get that huge, we started this bot as a fun project and it became a huge project that we are proud of.

It all started with a problem, we solved it for ourselves and decided to share it with the world. (more info)

This project was never a benefit for us, it's our help to every server owner that has big dreams. We're just trying to make his path easier.

We're not stopping here, we're going to keep working on this project and make it better and better.

Today, as we noticed that some people would love to be able to have better control of their server and start and stop it remotely, we decided to add a new feature to our bot.

PowerControl is our new feature, still in early-stage, that will allow you to start and stop your server remotely. We're still working on more features for it.

We hope that this feature will help the server owners in any possible way, and we're looking forward to create any other feature that will help you in any way.

We also want to thank our community as we reached over 1000 servers! and more to come.

Thank you all for being part of this amazing journey, and we hope that you will continue with us, to help build the remote for thousands of servers with owners that have big dreams.